Letter to Potential Clients from Faraji A. Rosenthall

Many people charged with crimes find the legal system to be full of uncertainty and confusion.  It can be a truly daunting ordeal to go into court not knowing what to expect, the entire process can seem overwhelming.

After years working as a Prosecutor, being in court every day and working to convict people of crimes, I started the Law Office of Faraji A. Rosenthall. Too often, I would witness citizens not taking full advantage of the law and suffering serious consequences that could have easily been avoided had they consulted with a qualified Criminal Lawyer.  I wanted to use my knowledge of the system to help that sort of person avoid unnecessary consequences.

I realize that no matter the size of the case that it is of significant importance to each individual. I treat every client with respect and dignity. I vow to work as hard as possible to get the best possible result in every case.

To discuss your case or to schedule a free consultation with me please call (703) 934-0101 or email Faraji@FARosenthallLaw.com



Faraji Rosenthall
Virginia Criminal Attorney | Manassas VA, Alexandria VA & Fairfax Virginia DUI /  DWI Lawyer