Juvenile Crime

If someone under the age of 18 has been arrested and/or charged with a crime or traffic offense in Fairfax County, the case will originate in the Fairfax County Juvenile Court. Designed to rehabilitate, the Fairfax County Juvenile Court system not only operates in a completely different fashion than its adult counterpart, but from other juvenile courts in the state, offering many programs that simply aren’t available in smaller counties. If you or your child is currently facing a juvenile charge in Fairfax, only an experienced attorney will know the best available options.

As a former prosecutor in Fairfax, Faraji Rosenthall often handled over 20 juvenile cases in a day, a level of experience that has proven invaluable since establishing his private practice. Well-versed in all aspects of juvenile court procedure, Rosenthall helps youth charged with various crimes, including:

  1. Underage possession of alcohol
  2. Reckless driving
  3. DWI
  4. Driving after illegally drinking alcohol
  5. Assault and battery
  6. Shoplifting
  7. Embezzlement
  8. Drug possession
  9. Drug distribution
  10. Drug possession with intent to distribute
  11. Violent crimes

Established to assist children, the juvenile court system is fundamentally unique in comparison to other courts. Whereas adult courts tend to focus on incarceration as their primary punishment, juvenile courts take advantage of a variety of programs to work with children who may have made a mistake. Along the same lines, adding a charge to one’s permanent record is far less likely while in juvenile court. However, in order to obtain the best results from your case, it is important that the Virginia juvenile lawyer you hire have an understanding of the judges, the prosecutors and the processes that make up juvenile court.

If your child could be facing a charge in juvenile court, protect their future by discussing the case with Mr. Rosenthall.