ASAP Program

In addition to attending mandatory Alcoholics Anonymous meetings, you will, If convicted of any type of DWI in (Fairfax County), be ordered to complete the Fairfax Alcohol Safety Action Program (also known as ASAP), in which participants examine the decisions they made which ultimately led to their DWI convictions.

Following your conviction, the court clerk will give you a date for your initial ASAP evaluation. This date can be rescheduled if necessary, but if your license has been restricted, someone from ASAP will need to endorse it within 15 days, confirming that you have enrolled in the program and met with a counselor. If you unable to secure the endorsement in time, your restricted license will be rendered invalid, and driving will be a violation of your probation. If you live outside Virginia, the ASAP program, upon completion of the initial evaluation, can be transferred to your home county or state.

During your initial evaluation at the ASAP program offices, the ASAP staff will determine what level of alcohol education is appropriate for you, the most common being a series of ten weekly two-hour classes.  Each class must be attended, and missing classes is typically not allowed, as a failure to follow ASAP regulations can ultimately result in a restoration of your previously suspended jail time.