Alexandria Criminal Law

When you are arrested, the first thing that you should consider doing is contacting an Alexandria criminal defense lawyer. Preferably, you should do this prior to making any kind of statement to a law enforcement officer which could prove harmful to mounting a successful defense. Some of the potential charges that may require a criminal lawyer include:

  • Reckless driving – while these charges are typically considered a misdemeanor, they are one of the most commonly prosecuted crimes in many parts of Virginia. There are specific steps that are often required by the courts including taking a safe driving course. However, some criminal defense clients may cause themselves additional problems by taking these courses in advance of the court ordering them.
  • DUI/DWI charges – penalties for a DUI/DWI charge can have a long-term impact on your life. Between time spent in jail, the potential loss of driving privileges and increases in auto insurance rates a guilty finding can be devastating. Keep in mind hiring an attorney who understands the laws and understands how to mount a successful and credible DUI/DWI defense is your best choice. The Law Office of Faraji Rosenthall has handled more than 1,000 DUI/DWI cases meaning your chances for a good outcome improve.
  • Drug offenses – drug charges often hinge largely on evidence collection. Sometimes, collection processes can be argued against, particularly if the arresting officer had no cause to check a person for drugs. Drug possession, distribution and cultivation charges can be very harsh and they can be lodged against anyone from a high school student to a grandparent. Drug charges know no socio-economic or age boundaries. If you are facing any type of a drug charge you need a competent and aggressive Alexandria lawyer to help you fight back.
  • Theft charges – charges of theft can range from petty theft to grand larceny. The prosecution has an obligation to prove all charges beyond any reasonable doubt. When you hire The Law Office of Faraji Rosenthall, we will do our utmost to ensure there is doubt in the minds of anyone who hears your case. That is what a good defense attorney does and one of the reasons it is imperative you contact an attorney immediately upon your arrest. Any statement, regardless of how innocuous it may seem can be later used against you.
  • Violent crimes – while you may think of a violent crime as a crime that involves physical injury this is not always the case. Violent crime offenses cover a wide range of violations including stalking, breaking gun laws and disorderly conduct to name a few. There are of course physical crimes such as unlawful wounding, negligent homicide and murder that also fall under violent crimes. An Alexandria criminal lawyer can review your case and help you determine if a plea bargain on a violent crimes charge is a good idea.

At The Law Office of Faraji Rosenthall, we have years of experience dealing with the Virginia criminal code. I will do my best to help you fight the charges against you.