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Exceptional Service, Exceptional Attorney!

Mr.Rosenthall was a fantastic representative and I could not be more happy with his candor and expertise. Though a fairly vanilla traffic case, he treated it with urgency, importance and most importantly a true sense of professionalism all while making me feel very comfortable throughout the entire process.

I would recommend Mr.Rosenthall, highly. His communication, clear explanations, and calming demeanor really help ease my mind and feel confident in the outcome of the case.

Many, MANY thanks, Mr.Rosenthall

- (5 star review)

He is your guy!!!!!

Don’t Drink and Drive!!!!! In case you make that mistake, make sure you talk to Faraji , start by asking all the questions and hear his answers! That is how he won my confidence! He gave thoughtful , brilliant , straight answers to each and every question I had. He was empathetic and most of all he knows the Law very well!! I saw him in action in the court room, he is very professional and convincing with his argument. With Gods help miraculously we won the case and the charge was dropped, despite a tough judge!!!  Thank you Mr. Rosenthall !

- (5 star review)

Responsible, efficient and dependable lawyer

Mr. Rosenthall really assisted us in dealing with Fairfax County court system. He is very understanding and easy to work with. He is professional and quick in returning emails/text messages and phone calls. His staff was very nice to deal with over the phone and quickly returned emails and forms we needed. Rates were reasonable and ultimately we were very pleased with the legal outcomes. I would hire Mr. Rosenthall again should we need legal advice of any kind.

- (5 star review)

Traffic court

Upon presenting my case to Mr. Rosenthall, he was confident, responsive, and reliable. He made himself available for both court dates without any conflicts. He was approachable and kknowledgeable He was friendly and helped me obtain a good outcome. His reassurance was comforting and helped me be at ease during this stressful time. I am very pleased with his service and would recommend him without hesitation.

- (5 star review)

Great lawyer, great service and extremely satisfying results !

First of all id like to say that i am a real client with a real experience with Mr. Faraji Rosenthall law office. my court date was in Jan/2013 .

I’ve hired Mr. Faraji Rosenthall for my DUI case. DUI’s are a nightmare if a one get convicted. Mr. Rosenthall welcomed me in his office located on main st. Fairfax, VA , I was sooo nervous, they offered me water and the first thing Mr. Rosenthall told me was “just relax, everything is gonna be ok” and I honestly trusted this man from the first meeting and hired him right away and that was probably one if the best divisions I’ve made in my life. Mr. Risen that asked me to tell him what happened and start asking questions.. Very detailed questions. He made me feel that he really cares a d takes each case very seriously. Long story short. My BAC was 0.13 and that’s enough for DUI conviction. Mr. Rosenthall and I decided to go into and actual trail and with the help of his very rich knowledge in law and specially DUI cases, he got my case dismissed like it never happened.

Honestly, the money that I was charged at his office companies nothing to the quality of service that I have received.

I’d absolutely recommend Mr. Rosenthall to those who are seeking the best service possible in court.

Many thanks to Mr. Rosenthall and his staff members. God bless you and your families.

Happy client 🙂

- (5 star review)