About Us

“Education. Experience. Excellence.  Every Client, Every Case”

The firm was founded on these words and these principles.  Practicing criminal law is a difficult task.  By definition people come to you during their most trying times.  They know that they are looking at a situation that is beyond their control, grasp and understanding.  They know that at some point the system will render judgment on them or a loved one.  They know that some consequence is possible.  Whether it is the loss of freedom or simply some lesser punishment a circumstance usually only experienced on television will soon determine their fate.

It is an honor to be selected to try to guide anyone through that circumstance.  To be selected to shepherd uncertainty is something that cannot be understated.  Whether it is a murder or a speeding ticket, being hired to represent someone is an enormous responsibility.

It is a responsibility that embrace and respect.  We recognize that we aren’t being hired because the stakes are low.  Rather we are being hired because at a moment of concern, we are trusted to give advice to create the best out of an inherently bad situation.

It is this respect and dedication to the craft that guides every decision made.  It is this respect and dedication that requires that we always return client calls and message promptly, treat every client with respect and most importantly do our absolute best on every case to make every client feel like they have made a wise decision trusting us with their future.

Georgetown Law, J.D.

Hampton University, BS

Prosecutor, Fairfax County Office of Commonwealth Attorney

Owner, Law Office of Faraji Rosenthall