Virginia Embezzlement laws

Embezzlement is a type of theft where a person has been entrusted to the care or monitoring of someone else’s property and then steals some or all of that money or property. The key item that differentiates embezzlement from regular larceny is that the defendant had legal right to access the money or property, and then stole it.

An example might be a person who is taking care of a trust for underaged children and takes some of it for their own purposes, or a bank teller who handles customer’s money as a part of their job, but also steals from the till.

The penalties for embezzlement differ depending on just how much money or property was taken.

Value up to $200 (excluding firearms): If convicted, the defendant faces up to a $2500 fine and/or up to a year in jail.

Value exceeding $200 and firearms regardless of value: The judge has a certain amount of discretion and may allow crimes in this category to be charged as misdemeanors (as above) or may give the defendant a heavier penalty of 1-20 years in prison.

As you can imagine it is extremely important to have an experienced criminal defence lawyer to handle your case for you if you involved in any embezzlement crime.

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