The Virginia Vasap Program

The Virginia Alcohol Safety Action Program, also known as ASAP or VASAP is a state-run educational program that improves highway safety by decreasing the incidence of driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

All individuals convicted of a DWI in Virginia are required by law to participate in VASAP.

Individuals convicted of DWI are assigned to a VASAP counselor, regardless of whether they received a jail time sentence or merely a suspended license. The counselor will evaluate the individual in order to design a program for him/her. The VASAP counselor  will discuss your at-risk behaviors, your previous record, as well as a number of other factors that impact your risk status. The counsellor will then create a program of treatment, which you are required to comply with fully. The penalty for not complying can result in jail time.

VASAP offers a wide range of programs in order to tailor their approach to each individual’s specific situations.

Most basic is the Education Program, a 20-hour program during which participants are expected to maintain sobriety. The Intensive Education program is likewise 20 hours, but is geared towards individuals at increased risk for addiction. VASAP also offers treatment programs for addicted individuals at state-approved facilities.

VASAP offers a Young Offenders Program as well as many programs for Habitual Offenders. The focus of all the programs is to educate, raise self-awareness and -esteem and reduce recidivism.