Women Pleads To To Virginia Dwi After Crashing 2 Different Cars

In February, a Virginia State Trooper was dispatched to a reported vehicle accident. When the trooper arrived he found a vehicle in a ditch. Upon going to the nearest home the trooper was able to locate the woman he would later charge with DWI.

The woman told the trooper she had been in an accident in her Pontiac. This was confusing to the trooper because the vehicle in the ditch was a Ford. Upon further questioning the woman admitted that she crashed her vehicle, the Pontiac, up the street. She then went to unattended vehicle in the driveway. Without permission from the owner, the Defendant stole the car. She only drove a short distance before also crashing the stolen vehicle.

The officer described her as being unsteady on her feet, having slurred speech and strong odor of alcohol. The trooper said she told him she had ingested 2 Vicodin pulls, 4 beers, and 3 mixed drinks. She then refused to do any sobriety tests or a Breathalyzer test.

At the plea date, her Virginia DWI lawyer asked the judge to allow her to stay out of jail pending sentencing. Despite having a mandatory jail sentence the judge did allow her to remain out of jail until her sentencing hearing.