Increase in George Mason Drug Arrests

In 2009, officers working for the George Mason police department made 11 drug arrests. Just two years later, their number increased to 120 arrests in 2011. Arrests for drugs found on the George Mason campus are handled in the Fairfax County General District Court. They are processed the same as drug and marijuana arrests throughout Fairfax.

These numbers come from the University’s Fire and Safety Report. The statistics were first reported by the Washington Post. The paper cites Police Chief Mike Lynch as denying an increase in police as the cause of the spike. Rather, the Chief believes the increases are based on the type of concerts recently booked by the Mason Campus’ Patriot Center.

The Chief says that these concerts attract crowds that aren’t always students. And that at some of these concerts drug and marijuana use is rampant. The chief specifically cites one concert that resulted in 40 arrests to drug and marijuana charges alone.

Marijuana and other drug arrests on the GMU campus are handled the same as arrests anywhere else in Fairfax County. That means that every arrested person has certain rights. It also means that the arrest may have very serious consequences on a person’s long-term goals. At the very least all drug convictions require a 6 month suspension of driver’s license. For these reasons alone it is worth talking to a qualified marijuana and drug attorney with extensive experience in the Fairfax court system.