Please Dont Come to Court Drunk

A 49 year old New York man was jailed after he came to court allegedly late, drunk and carrying beer. According to Times Herald Record, Keith Gruber was running about 90 minutes late for a hearing on his Felony DWI case. Security officials at the courthouse noticed Mr. Gruber trying to discard an open beer. They then confiscated his bag which contained four additional beers.

The judge later asked the Defendant if he enjoyed his “liquid lunch”. Mr. Gruber replied that he had.

There are a number of things about this story that fascinate me. Obviously its hard to understand why anyone would decide to get drunk right before court. But alcoholism can be difficult and I can understand making that bad decision if you struggle with addiction. But to find yourself drunk and 90 minutes late for court and decide to try to make it anyway. To feel the need to bring 4 beers into court with you. To make the decision to walk up to the courthouse with an open beer. And finally to tell the judge that you did enjoy your liquid lunch. I don’t necessarily have a good answer for when a judge asks if you enjoyed your liquid lunch. I’m not sure there is one. But answering that you did enjoy it has to be about the worst.