New Website

Greetings. The majority of visitors to this website are looking for a lawyer to assist them with their criminal/traffic cases. A few others are simply here to learn more about what to expect on their court date. The purpose of this blog is to satisfy both types of visitors. Periodically I will update this blog with relevant observations from the world of criminal law. I will update with relevant posts I observe both inside and outside the courtroom. My inspiration will come from every person I encounter who has a misunderstanding of how the law works. Whether it’s a question I’m frequently asked or an observation I make in the media – I will update the blog to provide an insight on how the criminal justice system works.

This approach will hopefully solve a number of goals. First, it will provide those individuals looking into hiring an attorney an insight into my personality. Compatibility is of utmost importance in the attorney/client relationship and providing a potential client a window into my personality can only improve those relationships. Second, the blog will serve as a constantly updating frequently asked question list. A quick review of this list should provide even the most inexperienced Defendant some basic idea of how the criminal justice system works and what to expect.